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Karukera is a “rhum agricole” from Guadeloupe, located in the French Antilles. The original inhabitants called their island “Karukera”, which stands for “island of beautiful water”. Karukera belongs to the cultural heritage and is part of the history of Guadeloupe. On the Marquisat estate in Sainte-Marie, Karukera has been distilling rum from fresh cane sugar juice since 1895. The rum is aged in small oak barrels and bottling is also done on the estate.


Karukera Silver
Karukera Agricole Gold
Karukera Blanc Agricole "Cannes Bleue"
Karukera Vieux Agricole
Karukera Vieux Agricole Black Edition Alligator
Karukera Blanc Agricole L'Intense

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Ti Punch


50 ml Karukera “Canne Bleue” 50°
10 ml sugar cane syrup
Lemon wedge


Pour 50 ml Karukera “Canne Bleue” and 10 ml sugar syrup in a tumbler glass. Squeeze a lemon wedge into the drink. Stir and at some ice cubes (optional).


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