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Woodford Reserve

Few things in life are true luxuries.
Luckily, American bourbon falls into this category and one of the finest bourbon’s in the world is Woodford Reserve.

Woodford Reserve isn’t manufactured, it’s hand crafted in small batches. This artisanal process allows us to craft it at all five sources of bourbon flavor giving it its distinct taste and crisp, clean finish.

Distilled using primarily pot stills versus the more commonly used column stills and aged in stone warehouses to better control the maturation process, Woodford Reserve is one of the greatest American bourbons ever produced and an exceptional value in the world of whiskey.

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve Distillers Select
Woodford Reserve Rye whiskey

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Woodford Reserve

Old fashioned


40 ml Woodford Reserve
10 ml Demerara Syrup
Angostura Aromatic Bitters Drops
Regans’® Orange Bitters Drops


Add ingredients to the mixing glass filled with ice. Stir  for 30-40 secs and strain into serving glass. Garnish with a lightly expressed orange peel.


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