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Thomas Henry

Innovative spirit changes the world. But something truly new can only be created if someone is willing to risk new combinations – and that also applies to the world of drinks.
You can never discover new territory by always mixing the same ingredients. A dram of knowledge, a shot of inspiration, a double shot of courage and a splash of luck – that is the recipe for an innovative bar culture.
Thomas Henry is thé premium mixer to accompany you on this new journey.

Thomas Henry

Tonic Water
Soda Water
Botanical Tonic
Dry Tonic
Ginger Ale
Spicy Ginger Beer
Bitter Lemon

Cherry Blossom Tonic
Wild Berry
Pink Grapefruit
Mystic Mango

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Thomas Henry

Gin & Tonic


50ml Roku Gin
150ml Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic
Tangerine zest & local herbs (e.g. rosemary, laurel, spruce) 


Fill a highball glass with ice cubes.
Pour in Roku gin. 
Top off with Thomas Henry Botanical Tonic.
Decorate with a tangerine zest & a herbal garnish. 

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