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Satao Gin (also known as Elephant gin) is a new handcrafted London Dry Gin of 45% alcoholic volume, made with carefully selected ingredients that capture the essence of Africa.

The company contributes 15% of all profits to Space For Elephants Foundation and Big Life Foundation to support the preservation of the African wildlife.

The gin is distilled using 14 botanicals, including African ingredients sourced from the length and breadth of the continent to create the gin’s distinctive flavour profile. These include the savannah’s “superfruit” Baobab, the extraordinary Buchu plant with a flavour similar to blackcurrant, and the African Wormwood introducing a sharp floral note.
Locally sourced spring water, fresh apples and other select ingredients enhance the purity and smoothness of the gin’s finish.

Made in small batches, Satao Gin is produced using the traditional method of copper still distillation.


Satao London Dry

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Satao gin & tonic


50 ml Satao gin
150 ml Thomas Henry tonic water
Slice of apple


Pour all ingredients into a glass with ice & garnish with a slice of apple.


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