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Palmes d'Or

Palmes d’Or is a sublime Champagne born from a woman’s whim and Nicolas Feuillate’s passion.
The Palmes d’Or bottle has been inspired by a Diva fascinated by the black pearls.

Everyone who experiences Palmes d’Or for the first time is surprised to discover a unique champagne so pure and subtle, revealing astonishing aromatic complexity.
Fabrice Sommier was taken aback by this unparalleled Champagne. The Palmes d’Or style is aimed at wine enthusiasts.

This is Champagne created to age and which comes into its own or with food to transform those exceptional occasions.
It is balanced, accessible and refreshing. This last characteristic is also key: Palmes d’Or is a relatively lightly dosed Champagne.

It is a Champagne delivering instaneous pleasure, to enjoy on its own or as an aperitif.

Palmes d'Or

Palmes d’Or Brut Millésimé 2006
Palmes d’Or Brut rosé Millésimé 2006

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Palmes d'Or

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