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Larios gin

Larios gin, the N°1 gin brand in Spain, has a beautiful range of gins.

A Mediterranean gin infused with strawberries.
A smooth, light and fresh gin; the result of four distillations in which strawberries play a leading role
Soft and fresh citrus notes with aromas of succulent strawberry complete with a lovely long finish.

The classic London Dry gin which balances botanical elements with a touch of sweetness.
The flavor is complemented with delicate orange blossoms and a blend of citrus and juniper berries.

A premium, high quality gin with delicate, refreshing and infinite nuances. It has the classic gin aromas like wild juniper berries, coriander, nutmeg & angelica root.
They are joined by refreshing citrus, clementine, mandarin, grapefruit & lime. And of course, the distinctive Larios touch: the orange blossom.

Larios gin

Larios Dry gin
Larios Rose
Larios 12

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Larios gin

Larios Rosé & tonic


50 ml Larios Rosé
150 ml Thomas Henry tonic water
fresh sliced strawberries


Pour the Larios Ros into an ice-filled glass, top with your mixer of choice and garnish with slices of fresh strawberry.

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