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Finlandia Vodka isn’t made, it’s born.

It’s born from the purity of Finland’s nature. It’s born from the spirit and authenticity of the Finnish people. And, it’s born from the history and culture of Finland.

Finlandia Vodka is produced from entirely natural ingredients including the finest six-row barley, grown in fields under the long days and white nights of the Finnish Midnight Sun, and pure glacier spring water.


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Finlandia 101 Caipiroska


40 ml Finlandia 101 Vodka
4 lime wedges
3 tsp sugar
A few berries


Muddle the lime wedges and sugar in a glass. Add a spoon of crushed ice. Pour the Finlandia Vodka and stir. Top it off with more crushed ice & garnish with berries.
Serve with a spoon for stirring.


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